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Basic Information About Uzbekistan
The first Uzbek rule in Central Asia was the 16th century. beginning with Muhammad Shaibani Khan, who defeated the last Timurid dynasty in Samarkand and established his own state in Mavera. This domination lasted until the 18th century and left the Bukhara Emirate with the Hive and Hokand Khanates established in the same region. The first domination of Tsarist Russia in the region began in 1867 with the establishment of the Central Governorate of Turkistan, the central Tashkent. It was completed with the capture of the last remaining land in Fergana of the Hokand Khanate within ten years. On November 1, 1917, the Bolsheviks entered Tashkent and proclaimed their sovereignty, and in 1924 the Soviet Socialist Republic of Uzbekistan, which included the present Uzbekistan territory, was established. With the disintegration of the Soviet Union, on August 31, 1991, Uzbekistan Aliy Meclisi accepted the declaration of the Independent and was decided on 1 September 1991 as the Day of Independence.
Uzbekistan, one of the most important points of the Silk Road, in Uzbekistan, is a state in Central Asia that has been separated from the Soviet Socialist Republics and gained its independence. The country is one of the seven independent Turkish states and is the minority of TURKSOY. The capital city of Uzbekistan, Tashkent was one of the largest cities after Moscow and San Petersburg in Russia, and today it is the biggest capital of Central Asia
Uzbekistan is the country that has the first metro among Central Asian countries. The cities of Samarkand and Buhara have been centers of knowledge and culture throughout history. In these cities, important scholars and scholars such as Biruni, Uluğ Bey, Kadizade-i Rumi, Ali Şir Nevai, Gıyaseddin Cemşid Kaşi Eş-Shirazi, Ubeydullah-i Ahrar and Necmeddin-i Kubra have been educated. Uzbeks possess Nasreddin Hodja as much as the Turks. It is possible to see historical Uzbekistan works in Samarkand, Buhara and Hive
In Uzbekistan, which is not coastal with open seas, there is a severe terrestrial climate. The continental climate, which can be very dry in the whole country, is dominant. The southern part of the country is under a warm climate, while the northern part is colder. The summers are hot and dry, and the winters are hard and cold. Summer temperatures often rise above 40 ° C. In winter the temperature drops considerably. In winter, frost and snow show occasionally. Temperature differences between night and day are quite high. The average annual precipitation is around 200-300 mm throughout the country. The maximum rainfall occurs in December, the lowest in August.
Due to the continental climate prevailing in Uzbekistan, winter is very cold and summer is very hot. So summer and winter months are not suitable for visiting the country. The most favorable period is between the spring months, April-May and the September-October period.


FOREIGN OUT MORTAR: Participants will be taken by the airport in return for 15 TL  from the finance ministry.

TICKETS: Your tickets Electronic Ticket is if you give your name to the airline desks will be given to you by your flight attendant on board. The external line if at least 3 hours before flight time, domestic, you need to be at the airport two hours ago. Keep your return plane ticket throughout your trip.

PASSPORT AND OTHER DOCUMENTS : Participants did not get our passports Passports will be presented by our employees at the airport. Participants who submit to our company to bring his passport next passports with identity and is responsible for checking the passports time.

CURRENCY: USD with you before you take the trip recommended. 

INTERNET: Internet package and our guests will speak on the latest package ed ErUz advise you to do this without leaving the airport operations abroad.

CLOTHING: By virtue of a suitable walking shoes and evening to be cool or rainy conditions to take a thin raincoat. Do not take rugs and slippers to use during the tour we kindly request.

HEALTH: Uzbekistan may not find every drug or equivalent in Turkey. Therefore you use your prescription drugs if you make sure that you take with you along with. We also encourage you to review the http://www.seyahatsagligi.gov. tr/address.

ELECTRIC: electrical outlets in the countries we visited during the tour are the same with Turkey. Again, be sure to check the voltage.

DURİNG THE JOURNEY : In order to complete your trip, your group leader with the least loss of time, we ask that you pay attention to the demands on the timetables. As with every trip, we recommend maintaining your money and valuables in the hotel safe. damage to your personal possessions, loss, etc. sad events that occur in all species, the group’s leader, we ask to be informed as soon as possible. no smoking on all flights. After each flight, please check your luggage tag. They are available by phone card payphones, you can phone in city. We advise you to take the business card of the hotel.

Important Notes on our Tour 

General Conditions are an integral part of the tour program and be considered independent from the tour program.Our guide to change the program with the approval of our agents and the weather and / or force majeure has the right to cancel waypoints found in some places, depending on the cause. Take our tour to all our guests deemed to have accepted it.

Our trips are organized with a minimum participation requirement of 40 people. Adequate participation can not be ensured, the last date of notice of cancellation is 5 days before the trip departure date and will be delivered by your agency. 35% of our foreign tour can be booked with prepayment.

Our agency is intermediary between passengers and airline, it is what is needed 09/28/1955 Hague Protocol. Scheduled and special flights may be delayed or at risk prior to the current trip and flight hours may vary. Our agency, is obliged to notify these changes as soon as possible. Recognizing the risk of change-hour passenger has purchased the trip. Children between 0-2 years of field and field service costs do not pay tax.

Hotels in the tour program is estimated hotel list. 3 same standard double room in another hotel based on availability, is given by the availability of the hotel. 3 is additional room in bearing applications, the standard bed mattress 3 is small. Child discounts are only available for children who stay with 2 adults. A continental breakfast is served in the hotel butter, jam or honey, bread is made from the juice with tea or coffee. Group breakfast can be served in a separate hall.

Pegasus and Turkish Airlines flights are 20 kilos of luggage and one in the right of every person. 20 kilos of wages must be paid the difference for luggage. You are entitled AirArabia Airlines  only 10 kilos of hand luggage, (Not charge extra for external trunk.) Co-op – children even if the limit is 20 kilos and vaccination should be paid the difference. . For this reason, it is recommended 1 luggage for each person. Hand luggage must be a maximum of 7 kilos.

Important notes about the visa;

Our guests who will travel with a green passport, if the date of receipt of the passport is 10 years old; It is required to renew their passports. Otherwise, they can be admitted to the country they go to, and / or flights by airline companies from Turkey may not be fulfilled. In such a case it is the responsibility of the passenger.

2 blank pages on passport is required for the implementation of the mutual visa. Torn, worn, soaked and / or other damage (s) must have a suffered a passport to visit because of the countries border crossing customs police to issue the renewal of the said passport name does not happen and Turkish citizens to the country of visas relevant visa in the new passport. Otherwise, it is the responsibility of the passenger.

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