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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the International Congress on Social Sciences II (INCSOS 2018) will be held in Al-Quds (Jerusalem), with Gazi University, Turkish Studies Electronic Journal and Al-Quds University. We will be honoured to host you Al-Quds, the charming city of Palestine Lands.

Al-Quds is perhaps the only city in the world that is considered historically and spiritually significant to Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. The city of Jerusalem is known in Arabic as Al-Quds or Baitul-Maqdis (“The Noble, Sacred Place”).

It should be remembered that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all spring from a common source.

All are religions of monotheism—the belief that there is one God, and one God only. All three religions share a reverence for many of the same prophets responsible for first teaching the Oneness of God in the area around Jerusalem, including Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, and Jesus—peace be upon them all. The reverence these religions share for Jerusalem is evidence of this shared background.

For Muslims, Jerusalem was the first Qibla—the place toward which they turn in prayer. It was many years into the Islamic mission (16 months after the Hijrah), that Muhammad (peace be upon him) was instructed to change the Qibla from Jerusalem to Mecca (Quran 2:142-144). It is reported that the Prophet Muhammad said, “There are only three mosques to which you should embark on a journey: the sacred mosque (Mecca, Saudi Arabia), this mosque of mine (Madinah, Saudi Arabia), and the mosque of Al-Aqsa (Jerusalem).”Thus, Jerusalem is one of the three holiest places on earth for Muslims.

It is Jerusalem that Muhammad (peace be upon him) visited during his night journey and ascension (called Isra’ and Mi’raj). In one evening, legend tells us that the angel Gabriel miraculously took the Prophet from the Sacred Mosque in Mecca to the Furthest Mosque (Al-Aqsa) in Jerusalem.

The organizing committee would like to invite you to the International Congress on Social Sciences II (USOS 2018-Quds) which will be held between 23-25 March 2018 in Al-Quds.

The Congress aims at bringing the researchers and scholars from all of the sub-fields of Social Sciences together to share recent theoretical and applied studies. However, we invite scientists to a new vision that will present the historical, cultural and religious sites of Al-Quds.

Parallel symposiums will be held at the congress of social sciences at the same time. Parallel symposium topics are below:

2nd International Symposium on Religion and Society

2nd International Symposium on Economics, Law and Politics

2nd International Symposium on Philosopy, Behavioral and Health Sciences

2nd International Symposium on History and Art Studies

2nd International Symposium on Education Sciences and Applications

2nd International Symposium on Information Technologies and Applied Sciences

2nd International Symposium on Language and Literature

The congress presentation languages are TurkishEnglish and Arabic.

Honorary Chair

İbrahim CELIK (Hüseyin SU)

Chairs of Congress

Prof. Dr. İbrahim USLAN-Gazi University

Prof. Dr. Imad Abu KISHEK – Al Quds Üniversity

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Dursun ERDEM – The Journal of Turkish Studies 

 General Coordinator

Assoc. Prof. Ozcan GÜNGÖR – Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University

Dr. Moatasem Al – NASIR – Dean of the Faculty of Arts of Al-Quds University

Prof. Dr. Metin DAĞDEVİREN-Gazi University


Dr. Ahmet AKKAYA – IJLA Editor

Serkan YORGANCILAR-Gazi Universit

External Relations

Prof. Dr. Yakup CİVELEK-AYBÜ

2018 Jeruselam Conference
Al-Quds University, Main Campus
Abu Dis, Jeruselam
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