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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the International Congress on Social Sciences V (INCSOS-Skopje) will be held on 27-30 June in International Balkan University campus area with  Trakya University, Marmara University, Tekirdag Namik Kemal University, Turkish Studies Electronic Journal and International Balkan University.

The congress presentation languages ​​are Turkish, English and Arabic. Simultaneous translations will be held during the Congress.

By organizing an international congress in Macedonia;

1-To reveal the effect of Balkan Peninsula and Skopje on our culture and scientific studies;

2-To enable the scientists who will participate in the congress to create new perspectives on their field by seeing the historical, cultural and religious places of Balkan and Skopje;

3-To carry out simultaneous symposiums on a wide range of fields including Religion, Society, History, Art, Philosophy, Behavior, Health, Computing, Economics, Law, Politics, Education, Language and Literature;

4-Turkey and to bring together researchers who work in Macedonia and on this occasion and in this way to fuse the two groups Macedonian scholars see the bridge open to the world to benefit from the experience next to it;

5-Academic environment of relations between the countries by creating a bridge between the scientific sense, Turkey and Macedeonia and scientific production with robust and sat on a sustainable basis;

6-Researchers who serve Turkish science are able to go to these places which are difficult to go alone and have profound traces on our culture, our tradition and our art;

7-To prepare the ground for the new works to be done by going out from the scientific works to be presented and to bring the reports about the special topics after the congress to the broadcasting world.

8. To present the awards to the owners of the scientific works to be evaluated as a contribution committee and to study these works;

9-To strengthen the academic relations between the region and our country by traditionalizing this congress which will be held in places important for Turkish social science, can be listed as our main aims.

The organizing committee invite all scientists from the International Congress of Social Sciences V (INCSOS-Skopje) to be held in Skopje on 20-23 June 2019.

The Congress aims at bringing the researchers and scholars from all of the sub-fields of Social Sciences together to share recent theoretical and applied studies. However, we invite scientists to a new vision that will present the historical, cultural and religious sites of Macedonia..

Parallel symposiums will be held at the congress of social sciences at the same time. Parallel symposium topics are below:

5th International Symposium on Religion and Society

5th International Symposium on Economics, Law and Politics

5th International Symposium on Philosopy, Behavioral and Health Sciences

5th International Symposium on History and Art Studies

5th International Symposium on Education Sciences and Applications

5th International Symposium on Information Technologies and Applied Sciences

5th International Symposium on Language and Literature

5th International Symposium on Tourism and Geography

Honorary Chair

Prof. Dr. Mustafa ŞENTOP

Chairs of Congress

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Dursun ERDEM – International Balkan University

Prof. Dr. Erhan TABAKOGLU-Trakya University

Dr. Necip Fazıl KURT- Chief Advisor of the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey

Prof. Dr. Mümin ŞAHİN-Trakya Namık Kemal Üniversity

Prof. Dr. Erol ÖZVAR-Marmara Üniversity

General Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Ozcan GÜNGÖR – Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University
External Coordinator

International Balkan University, Main Campus
Skopje, Macedonia