5th International Symposium on Philosophy, Behavioral and Health Sciences


It is aimed to discuss and evaluate the classical and contemporary problems of philosophy in different disciplines, to reveal the opinions and thoughts of Turkish Islamic philosophers and thinkers about these problems and to enrich the international and Turkish Islamic philosophy culture as a result of these discussions and ideas.
Behavioral sciences include all science branches that explain human behavior or engage in human behavior. The behavioral sciences that describe the behavior that arise as a result of human thought and will processes are to evaluate the epistemological and methodological problems and developments in this area.
Evaluating and discussing the innovations and technological developments in the field of health sciences which use science and technology in order to raise the quality of life of individual, family and society.

Special Topics
Turkish Islamic philosophy, moral philosophy, philosophy of knowledge, philosophy of being, philosophy of politics, logic
Behavioral sciences
Culture and behavior, social groups, personality and personality formation, interpersonal communication, motivation of human behaviors, stress management.
Health Sciences
Public health, health administration, child health, gynecological diseases, nutrition, dietetics, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy.

Advisory Board
Dr. Kazim Sarıkavak Gazi University
Dr. Milay Köktürk Pamukkale University
Dr. Mehmet Ali Sarı Pamukkale University
Dr. Musa Kazım Arıcan Yıldırım Beyazıt University
Dr. Murat Demirkol Yıldırım Beyazıt University
Dr. Salih Güney Istanbul Aydin University
Dr. Feyzullah Eroğlu Pamukkale University
Dr. Mustafa Necmi İlhan Gazi University
Dr. Nevin A. Güzel Gazi University
Dr. Naile Bilgili Gazi University
Dr. Aysun Mr. Karabulut Yıldırım Beyazıt University
Dr. Saadet Yazıcı University of Health Sciences